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Philips MP30

Philips MP30

High-performance monitoring at the patient’s side and in transit, IntelliVue MP20 and MP30 patient monitors provide powerful monitoring capability and essential measurements in a compact package to match the pace and unique needs of intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, post-operative care, special procedures, lower acuity environments, and patient transfer.

Built on Philips strong heritage in patient monitoring, the IntelliVue MP20 and MP30 has highly flexible screen configurations designed to suit patient acuity, department protocols, or specific procedure requirements.

IntelliVue MP20 and MP30 patient monitors are easy to use and operate on a networked platform that can span the hospital enterprise. They can operate via wireless or wired connections. Through Philips inventive Multi-Measurement Module and extensions, the IntelliVue MP20 and MP30 deliver clinical measurements including capnography, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, noninvasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, FAST-SpO2, temperature, BIS®, and cardiac output.
  • Details

    Powerful monitoring and essential measurements in a compact package

    - We’ve redesigned the user interface to improve visibility of patient data, make it easier to use, and to enhance compatibility with standard software.
    - Dynamic Wave area features waves that automatically adjust in size depending on the number of waves configured.
    - Capture and review diagnostic 12-lead ECGs at the monitor before sending them to the IntelliVue Information Center (PIIC). Print cardiograph-type, diagnostic 12-lead ECG reports from the bedside. With the IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX) review 12-lead interpretation and previous 12-lead ECGs directly at the bedside and trigger 12-lead export to an ECG archive.1
    - Each NBP measurement now generates a column in the vital signs trend table. Measurements for other values are added to provide a comprehensive vital signs data set for the NBP measurement time, offering a more complete picture.
    - The Smart Alarm Delay algorithm helps reduce the number of pulse oximetry nuisance alarms, allowing you to focus your attention where needed.2

    Flexible, compact patient monitoring connected

    - 26cm (10.4˝) color SVGA display with 3, 4 or 6** waveforms is bright and easy to read.
    - Comfortable handle and rugged housing for easy portability.
    - Lightweight, at only 5.8 kg (13 lbs.) including Multi-Measurement Module and one battery.
    - Up to five hours battery operation* with dual lithium-ion batteries.
    - Touchscreen operation makes many functions accessible through simple, one-touch commands. (Touchscreen is available on MP30 only.)
    - Wired and wireless connectivity with easy switching from one mode to another.
    - Navigation Point operation designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation.
    - Optional integrated recorder offers convenient documentation whenever it’s needed.
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